The Library

On 13 February 2009 the Library was founded along with an archive relating to The Chopin Center’s activities. The seat of both is in one of the rooms in the Dziewanowskis family estate.
It is planned that the library collection will include the notes as well as scores of all Fryderyk Chopin’s works (facsimile copies of manuscripts and National Edition edited by J. Ekier) and their recordings performed by distinguished pianists. The most important pieces on the studies of the life and works of Fryderyk Chopin (monographs ,collective publications, scholarly booklets) will make the whole collection complete. We hope that all these materials gathered in one place will encourage numerous researchers and music lovers to come and visit Szafarnia.

The Library possesses the following facsimile copies of F. Chopin’s autographs:
  1. Sonata op. 58, autograf edycyjny, Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  2. Koncert op. 21, półautograf edycyjny, Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  3. Mazurek op. 7 nr 4, autograf, Warszawskie Towarzystwo Muzyczne, Warszawa
  4. Nokturn op. 27 nr 2, autograf edycyjny, Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  5. Mazurki op. 33, autograf edycyjny, Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  6. Polonez-fantazja op. 61, autograf edycyjny, Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  7. Etiudy op. 10, autograf edycyjny (26 stron), Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina, Warszawa
  8. Etiudy op. 25, autografy i kopie (43 strony), Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  9. Barkarola Fis-dur op. 60, autograf edycyjny (7 stron), Biblioteka Jagiellońska, Kraków
  10. Fantazja f-moll op. 49, autograf edycyjny (17 stron), Biblioteka Narodowa, Warszawa
  11. Mazurek As-dur op. 59 nr 2, autograf roboczy (5 stron), Biblioteka Opery, Paryż
  12. Allegro de concert A-dur op. 46, autograf edycyjny (20 stron)
  13. Mazurki op. 24 autograf edycyjny (12 stron)
  14. Impromptu As-dur op. 29 autograf edycyjny (12 stron)

Should anyone want to make contributions to The Chopin Centre in Szafarnia and donate any items relating to the abovementioned, you are kindly requested to contact us via email or on tel. +48 56 682 79 30.