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On 14.09.1782 in Długie in the family of Jakub and Antonina Krzyżanowski, a daughter Justyna was born as the third child in the family. Later, at the age of 28, Justyna Chopin would give birth to a boy named Fryderyk.

In the summer of 1772 Konstancja Skarbkowa nee Bruchental (Jan Skarbek’s widow Castellan of Inowrocław) issued a promissory note (an obligation of payment) to Jakub and Antonina Krzyżanowski, by way of which she bequeathed 405 tynfs and 27 grosz to Jakub and 1016 tynfs and 20 grosz to his wife. Shortly after reconstruction of the manor house in Izbica, which had been destroyed by Prussian troops, both Skarbek families and the family of Krzyżanowski working for the Skarbek family moved to the town and, after three years, Wincenty Krzyżanowski was born to the Krzyżanowski family.

During the long visit of the family in the village of Długie, their daughter Tekla Justyna was born as the third child in the family. Soon, propably as a result of a conflict with their employers, the family was forced to leave the village of Długie and move to Sarnowo, where their older daughter Marianna had been born two years before. Contrary to prior written arrangements, sons of Castellan Jan evicted Jakub and his family in winter and wasted summer crops planted by Jakub. Next year, for this reason, Jakub Krzyżanowski sued them in court and claimed 37 Hungarian talars as compensation for losses incurred. This was the beginning of financial problems, which would trouble the family of Skarbek for years to come.