Szafarnia  I   Długie  I   Białkowo  I   Płonne  I   Radomin   Gulbiny 
Golub-Dobrzyń  I  Sokołowo  I   Turzno k. Torunia  I   Dulsk 
Ugoszcz  I   Działyń  I   Zbójno  I   Obory  I   Toruń  I   Obrowo 
Kikół  I   Służewo  I   Nieszawa  I   Izbica Kujawska  I   Kłóbka


The old wooden manor house of the Dziewanowski family, which Chopin used to visit, originally stood deep in today’s park and it was dismantled in 1910. The present brick palace dates back to the second half of the 19th century.

It houses the Chopin Centre, including a concert hall and a small museum. The edifice is surrounded by the park with the area of 3.6 ha with its six natural monuments (such as “Chopin’s Lime Tree”, 4 oaks of the Dziewanowski Family and a pear tree). During Chopin’s visit to Szafarnia in the years 1824 – 1825, there had probably already existed a well-preserved outbuilding located in the north-east side of the park. In 1842, Ludwika, Chopin’s sister, stayed in Ciechocinek for treatment purposes for the period of 2 months and, afterwards, she visited Dominik and Józefa Dziewanowska nee Romocka in Szafarnia, where she stayed for a couple of days.